Food Safety

Food Safety is the most important measure of our product. Being highly committed to the laws of sanitation, Freyco Produce, Inc. has a Food Safety Manager on location. Our Food Safety Manager complies with certification on traceability (HarvestMark PTI Compliant), food safety and regulations (PrimusGFS Excellent Certification), and certification for all packing locations.

Below are samples of our Food Safety Certifications.¬† If you would like a copy of these certifications please contact Cody “Bubby” Smith at

Primus GFS

PTI Certificate 0275

Primus Cert


We use Harvest Mark for  traceability of our watermelons.

This allows every person in the supply chain from the distribution warehouse to the consumer to determine the time and place the produce was picked, packed, and shipped from. This system allows on demand traceability and helps determine where product was sent to quickly.